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Whether you want to find out Garfield's age in cat years, Lassie's age in dog years or Thumper's age in rabbit years then Jelly and Micecream can help you.

Jelly and Micecream has been created to help people find out how old a pet is in it's own years.

How does it work?

As animals age at different rates than humans it's not just a case of multiplying human years by a number and getting a result. To be as accurate as possible I only add each animal type to our calculator after I have conducted some research into how they age. Even then it is still only a close estimation. I have tried to be as accurate as possible and think that the animals I have added should give an accurate enough picture into a pets age give or take a few days. The next birthday is an estimation based on my calculations. If you are feeling generous then maybe you could treat your pet to something nice, but it's all just a bit of fun. Enjoy :-)

Give it a go and see how many candles your pet should be getting on their next birthday!

Give it a go!

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